Business Track

Business Track

Join us to give your customers the most advanced safety system available on the market.

AWACS Israel, part of the Cobra International Group, cooperates with hundreds of organizations in Israel around the world. Its goal: to prevent car accidents and save lives.

The company is at the forefront of anti-collision technology. It is the only company in Israel that uses integrated camera radar technology. This inspiring technology is creating a revolution in automobile safety through the development of a variety of features – including real-time alerts on long-range hazards, and the capacity to operate under complex and challenging weather conditions.

Leading automobile manufacturers around the world have chosen radar technology as a built-in safety tool for their vehicles.

*Reduces the risk for accident by approximately 40%   *Improves and moderates driving  *Saves gas *Reduces break and tire wear



AWACS is a subsidiary of COBRA, which has been specializing in safety and protection for decades.

Combined Protection from Accidents

The system provides a variety of alerts within fractions of seconds and considerably lengthens the driver's available response time.

Proven Effectiveness

Steady, dependable system that functions under complex weather conditions and poor visibility.

Easy to Use

Software that is very user friendly and personally tailored to the client's needs.

In addition, this track offers:

Personal consultation, full training, cost-effective proposal

AWACS is proud to be the natural choice for leading companies in Israel and around the world!

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